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Q. 1. Consider the subsequent fact scenario.

Sang purchased a cola drink in a plastic bottle with a sealed plastic top from a vending machine located in the hall of his college dormitory room. After drinking ¾ of the cola, Sang took another drink and felt a sharp object enter his mouth. The object turned out to be a metal tab-top like those found on aluminum cans. Sang's tongue was slightly cut by the tab-top and he had to consult a doctor. Lab tests conducted on the remaining cola revealed which the cola Sang drank was not poisonous or tainted.

A. As his attorney, for illustrate what legal claims should Sang sue and explain why?

Be very specific in naming the legal claims, in explaining them and in justifying your position. Answer in 1-2 paragraphs, please.

B. In this case, list all the defendant(s) you would advise Sang to name in the lawsuit and explain why each defendant should be named?

C. Explain, for each named defendant, whether the court is likely to find out the defendant liable and explain why/explain why not?


Reference no: EM1387079

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