Explain acetic acid and a second buret

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Given a buret filled with 0.12M acetic acid and a second buret filled with 0.15M sodium acetate, how many milliliters of each solution should be mixed together to produce 23.0mL of a solution with a pH of 4.73?

Reference no: EM13521148

Explain what was the molarity of nabr in the solution

A 50.00-mL solution containing NaBr (FW=102.894g/mol) was treated with excess AgNO3 to precipitate 0.2146 g of AgBr (FW= 187.772g/mol). What was the molarity of NaBr in the

How the structure of the atom were validated

Based on the data gathered in the Rutherford's scattering experiments, the concept of atomic structure was modified. Which of the following aspects of the structure of the a

Explain the z acid reacts about 50 times faster

Define Both (E) - and (Z)-2-chlorobutenedioic acids dehydrochlorinate to give acetylene dicarboxylic acid. Explain the Z acid reacts about 50 times faster than the E acid.

State the net ionic equation to show the formation

Write the net ionic equation to show the formation of a precipitate (insoluble salt) when the following solutions are mixed. Write noreaction if no insoluble salt forms KCl(

State formic acid has a ka ten times larger then acetic acid

Formic acid has a Ka TEN times larger than that of acetic acid. In solutions with the same molarity, the formic acid solution will have this many times the [H+] of the aceti

Explain problem is based on the nutrition facts

The following problem is based on the "Nutrition Facts" found on the wrapper of an energy bar, assuming a 2000 calorie diet. The energy bar contains 100 mg of sodium, which

Compute the mass of khp needed to react

Calculate the mass (grams) of KHP needed to react with 40. mL of 0.10 M NaOH. B. If 0.7528 g of KHP standard were titrated with NaOH and the endpoint was reached at 36.33 mL

Explain the two nuclides posses the greater health risk

A person is exposed for three days to identical amounts of two different nuclides that emit positrons of roughly equal energy. The half-life of nuclide A is 18.5 days and th


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