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Write a document requesting permission to conduct research on the following: 

Parking at New Town elementary school is at a premium during pick-up and drop-off times. You could develop a strategy to facilitate a more streamlined process to increase safety and decrease wait times. Your proposal would be directed to the school's principal Sharonda Gregory.

Typically before a writer would expend energy on a research proposal, he or she would ask for permission from a decision-maker to undertake the project. In this assignment, you will identify the decision-maker(s) who will read your researched proposal and you will write a memo or letter to them requesting that you be given permission to move forward with your research, and explaining why they should grant you this permission. You will use a memo format if you are writing to a decision-maker within your organization; you will write a letter if you and your decision-maker do not work for the same organization.Prepare a 500- to 750-word letter or memo to your proposal decision-maker(s) Sally Mitchell assistant to Mrs. Gregory requesting permission to pursue research to develop your proposal idea. In your correspondence, provide your decision-maker(s) with justification for the research project. Include an outline of the benefits you believe the proposed idea will bring to the organization. Your document must make it clear you are contacting the decision-maker(s) to request permission to move forward with your research. The decision-maker is the person in charge of making what you are recommending actually happen. It should be someone with whom you have or could have actual contact (not a high ranking government official). Of course, you should direct this document to a specific person, not a functional title (such as Director of Human Resources).

Grading Criteria:

The document should:

  • be submitted on time
  • contain no fewer than 500 words; no more than 750
  • use correct memo or letter format
  • describe the problem or project you want to work on and explain its significance;
  • summarize research you are already aware of, citing its source
  • tell where additional information may be obtained and how much
  • describe the benefits of your research to your organization
  • show "you" attitude
  • maintain friendly, positive, confident tone
  • use emphatic, concise, fluent sentences
  • contain no proofreading errors

Submit this assignment as a Word document. 

Reference no: EM13830168

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