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Write a 100-word description of each program. You must have one program that exemplifies social structure theories, one that exemplifies social process theories, and one that exemplifies social conflict theories. Include each program’s main elements and explain the aspects of each program that address the focus of the relevant theory.

Reference no: EM13202128

Pertaining to the case study alabama''s confederate flag

Pertaining to the case study Alabama's Confederate Flag Controversy (The Electronic Hallway), I believe the central problem is that there is a social and political controversy

What do i know of the controversy

What do I know of the controversy?What do I need to know?What is my purpose for reporting this controversy?How does reporting this controversy affect my ethical beliefs?Does t

How school activities and guilty cases have decreased

List many reasons why a scatter graph shows that as the amount of after school activities increases the amount of total guilty cases for children between the ages of 12 to 1

Explain how do we know that there were floral and faunal

Anthropology- Explain how do we know that there were floral and faunal domesticates in Level 2. Robust bone in ankles and upper bodies Females had more cases of arthritis in k

Discuss the current monetary situation

Discuss the current monetary situation in Japan and possible effects on international parity conditions if the Japanese government attempts to control the value of their cur

Customer satisfaction-customer service related positions

In a little more than 3 years ensuring customer satisfaction through my customer service related positions, I have a proven track record of achieving results that can help ABC

What questions do you still have about any of these careers

The career options available to psychology majors are many. Graduates of undergraduate psychology programs may choose psychology-related careers in research, education, publ

Fulcrum of the see-saw

Let's say you hop on a see-saw with your little cousin. Your mass is 75kg,and your cousin's is 25 kg.what happens if you and your cousin each sit meters from the fulcrum of th


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