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Need help with a couple questions

1. A lot of today's biggest corporations have gotten to be where they are because they are skilled at using data. Can anyone mention some examples?

2. Can anyone think of examples of successful market research we've seen in the last few years? What about some notable failures?

3. Suppose a dealer is keeping track of the cars sold in the last six months. Not only do they want to track the number sold, but also some characteristics of the cars. What are some other details they may keep track of, and what is the level of measurement of each?

4. Short term forecasting can help determine your staffing needs now, and long-term forecasting is used to determine whether you need to lay people off, or start hiring. What are some ways businesses do short and long term forecasting? What kind of data do they use?

5. Can anyone think of new products the banking and financial industry have come out with recently? Where do you see the most innovation in the financial services industry these days

Reference no: EM131250016

Finance charge on the cash price

A computer with software costs $2,941, and Catherine Stevens has agreed to pay a 17%per year finance charge on the cash price. If she contracts to pay the loan in 18 months,

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What have you experienced or what do you anticipate as the most challenging aspect of strategic planning in your field of interest? What do you think can be done to improve

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Use of unmanned delivery drones

Is it ethical for Amazon, the giant e-commerce retailer, to test the use of unmanned delivery drones in England because it's illegal for Amazon to test them here in the Unit

Direct or an indirect approach

Do you think informational reports should be written directly or indirectly? For what reasons would an analytical report be written with a direct or an indirect approach?

Firm public relations department

As a member of your firm's public relations department, which medium-channel combination(s) would you recommend using to inform the local community that your toxic-waste cle

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Using theory and data, evaluate the strategy of a company of your choice over a five-year period. You should use the company's stated strategic objectives and performance re

Country focus-foreign direct investment in china

Please read "Country Focus: Foreign Direct Investment in China" (on page 247 in 7th edition and on page 223 in 8th edition). In the late 1970s, China opened its doors to for


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