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Browse the Website for examples of poor typography. Write a short design critique of why the type is confusing or misleading to the user. Make a document with screen shots from the Website page to accompany your critique.

Reference no: EM1380969

What would be the result of adding an ip address

What would be the result of adding an IP address in front of the port number in the Listen directive and Navigate to the ServerRoot directive and record the path that is conta

Find the elements of budgets

Budgets are actually cost estimates tied to detailed distribution of revenues. Dissimilar conservative monetary statements, revenue and defeat and cash flow statements,

Create your own online store web site selling products

Create your own online store web site selling products of your choice. Create pages that allow you to search and buy available products as well as add, update, or delete produ

Develop a web application based on cloud technologies

The goal of this project is to develop a web application based on cloud technologies and designed for the cloud. The application is meant to be a prototype but functional in

Prepare a web project and host it online

You will finalize your course project and host it online. To finalize your project, complete the following tasks: Insert keywords, a title, and description to make each page r

Create and edit web pages in a number of ways

Would another person feel the same way and if not, why not?Post your answer, which should state the recording software used and attach the passages so that others can discus

Implementing relational database management system

Jim and Tim are brothers who have a love of robots. They started a house based business called 'RoboBoys' where they custom create robots for fun, gifts, competition and decor

Creating a program

For several years, your Uncle Frank has been running a small landscaping business. Through these years, he acquired many steady customers and knew most of them on a first name


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