Example of an operational hypothesis-independent variable

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Jim was trying to determine which gasoline he uses in his car gets him the best mileage. He use three gasolines: Exxon, Shell, and Mobil. What design could be used with this design? What is an example of an operational hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, and potential problems with the study?

Reference no: EM13505952

Discuss the role of sentencing philosophies in administering

Compose an essay of 500 words where you discuss the role of sentencing philosophies in administering punishment by correctional agencies. As part of your discussion identify

Explain what are the implications of cross training

Do health care providers who reap benefits of high compensation and social position have an ethical responsibility to repay taxpayers? What are the implications of cross trai

Discuss how applying those criteria could prove troublesome

A friend says to you, "I'm really concerned about my child [an eight-year old girl] eventually developing an eating disorder. What should I do or not do?" Explain to your

Psychoanalytic therapy and the adlerian therapy

Offer a brief review that compares and contrasts the Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Adlerian Therapy. In your review, be sure to address the following points:

Explain purpose of distributive bargaining negotiation skill

Define and explain the purpose of the Five Distributive Bargaining Negotiation Skills. Discuss the "Zone of Possible Agreement" (ZOPA) and why some experienced negotiators co

Identify a message in advertising

Identify a message in advertising. Describe how you perceive the message of the advertisement. Try to determine the reality of the advertisement. Distinguish between your perc

What if the problem of overcrowding reached a record high

What if the problem of overcrowding reached a record high, leaving state prisons officials with no option but to release offenders? Which offenders should be released and how

Several meeting of various faculty to discuss the issue

You are a faculty member at a college. The Dean assigned the Head of your department to examine a specific issue. There were several meeting of various faculty to discuss th


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