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Core essay

I gave you the example of an evaluation for hair stylist/cutter.

I brainstormed the following criteria:

Knows how to cut with confidence
Tells me what will work; doesn't ask what she should do
Believes I want to do "absolutely nothing" with my hair
Doesn't pressure me with upselling
Not "better than me" (ties with look of salon)
Friendly, but not over-sharing
Attentive - doesn't have to be servile, but also shouldn't talk to other stylists, receptionists, on the phone OMG

My core essay (4 pages) would discuss these criteria through examples, and explanation of why they are important. In developing this essay, I could also use description, definition, comparison/contrast and cause and effect, since these are also ways to evaluate something. My goal is to provide an evaluation that readers find reasonable and thorough.

Reference no: EM131435326

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