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Max is a 16-year-old tennis player. His mother, Linda, calls you to schedule an appointment for Max. He wants to gain 10–20 lbs of weight, but is having a hard time putting on even an ounce. Max is currently 6’ tall and weighs 135 lbs. He is in his off-season and, therefore, is not doing any exercise. Linda is frustrated because Max is a very picky eater, which severely limits his food options. While Max has agreed to see a dietitian, he has told his mom that he is most interested in knowing about some quick, easy, weight gain options.

Questions: What advice and recommendations (example how many extra calories per day, how to incorporate higher calorie foods, exercise) would you give to Max, based on the information provided in the case study? Include his BMI and explain what that means.

Reference no: EM13254926

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