Examine various qualitative and quantitative analytics

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Every company, regardless of size, will require the use of tools to determine the performance of their Web site. In order to apply the concepts of using these tools, complete the two part assignment below. In this assignment, you will focus on qualitative and quantitative analytics and you will analyze how each plays a role in the analysis of the performance of a Web site.

Using the Internet, select a retail website and complete the following:

Part One - Conduct Research

Examine various qualitative and quantitative analytics.

For each category of analytics, create a scenario where the category of analytics would be more valuable for decision makers. Consider adjusting the landing page against determining what promotion to use.

Conduct an Internet search for a report that compares different analytics tools. The report must not be more than three years old.

Analyze the selected report

Part Two: Develop Report

Create a comparison table and 1 - 2 page report that includes the following:

Advantages and disadvantages of the analytics tools

Similarities and differences between the analytics tools

Support your comparative analysis of the analytics tools with appropriate examples and scholarly references.

Reference no: EM13754453

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