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In this discussion, you will examine the types of relationships research can uncover and explore the concept of causation versus correlation.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Guidelines and Rubric document.

Reading and Resources

Required Resources

The following is a list of resources that will enable you to complete the activities in this module. Below each resource are a few guiding questions to consider as you read and review. You do not need to record or submit your answers to these questions.

Textbook: Introduction to Epidemiology, Chapter 9

- What are the basic concepts of hypothesis formulation?

- What is confounding?

- What is the difference between statistical inference and causal inference?

- What is the purpose of the fishbone diagram?
Website: Language of Research

- What are the three basic types of questions that research projects can address?

- What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data?

- What are the different types of study designs?
Video: Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Variables (7:55)

- What is a research question? What is a hypothesis?

- What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable?

Videos: Watch these videos to get an idea of the difference between correlation and causality, which are two types of relationships that can be found in epidemiologic research. This will prepare you to consider the discussion question this week.

Add a sentence describing of the website here. Include special instructions if needed.

- Correlation vs. Causation: Differences, Lessons, and Quiz (7:27)

- Correlation and Causality (10:44)

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In this we have provided Causation vs Correlation with various examples to explain.

Reference no: EM131370755

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