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"Business Analytics" Please respond to the following:

Examine the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Determine how each system can play a critical role in managing value chains.

Provide an example from an industry where analytics is used today either through ERP or through CRM, and determine the ways this technology has helped to deliver quality to the customer.

Assess the challenges that companies might face when trying to implement these types of technologies.

Reference no: EM13744520

Explain rfid technology

From the e-Activity, evaluate the use and applicability of Radio Frequency Identification Devises (RFID) in industry today. Choose a company and provide at least two example

What is the cash flow for each year

A company is manufacturing garden rakes and sees that demand is more than they can handle in their current facility.  So, they plan to expand onto the building to make more

Describe an industry analysis and its purpose

Describe an industry analysis and its purpose. Give two examples of the types of questions an industry analysis might answer. In your discussion also include an analysis of

Draw a flow chart of activities that the service provider

Draw a flow chart (Blue print) of activities that the service provider does for the customer both back room and front room activities (remember activities are verb). Write br

Presentation on decision-making process

The CEO, knowing that professional logistics expertise has been missing from her organization, has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of 10-15 slides for the res

The use of one or more forecasting techniques

From what you have learned from the text and class models, make some suggestions on the results that the organization achieved (or did not achieve). If you would like, go ah

Assignment on developing and managing multi-cultural teams

As the diversity manager of a global company, you have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of understanding multi-cultural teams in the workplace. However, you

Functions of management impacts the organization''s goals

Identify the company's mission statement, vision statement, goals, objectives, and tactical plans. Explain how each of the four functions of management impacts the organizatio


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