Examine the likely economic consequences of a reduction

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Question: Write an essay to answer the following questions

a. What is meant by inflation? How do Keynesian economists distinguish the main causes of inflation?

b Examine the likely economic consequences of a reduction in the profit tax and income tax rates.

How should you interpret this question?

You should begin with a defmition of inflation and explain how inflation is different from a one-time increase in the average of all prices. Then, you need to compare and contrast the logic and causes of demand-pull inflation and cost-pull inflation respectively.

In approaching the second sub-question, you need to examine economic consequences, in particular, the changes in national income and inflation which follow a tax cut in theprofit tax and a reduction in income tax rates respectively. Although this is very much a conceptual question, you are free to provide real-world evidence to support your answer.

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Reference no: EM13685947

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