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As we continue through this class, you will be using a 5-step critical thinking problem-solving process, IDEAS, to work through any problems to determine a solution for a given problem and for any other problems you encounter.
I - IDENTIFY the Problem and Set Priorities (Step 1)
D - DEEPEN Understanding and Gather Relevant Information (Step 2)
E - ENUMERATE Options and Anticipate Consequences (Step 3)
A - ASSESS the Situation and Make a Preliminary Decision (Step 4)
S - SCRUTINIZE the Process and Self-Correct as Needed (Step 5)

Step 1: You are to identify your problem and set priorities. As you begin to examine the characteristics of the problem, you will be able to begin to clarify the priorities. You need to describe the problem in at least a paragraph and establish priorities in a separate paragraph. Along with the problem, you need to write a problem statement. A problem statement describes what is currently going on and why the problem needs to be resolved. You should include how long the problem has existed and what measurable item(s) are affected.

Step 2: For the 2nd step of the critical thinking problem-solving process, "D", you will deepen your understanding the gather relevant information on the company's problem. As you deepen your understanding about the problem, it will help you to determine what information might be relevant in coming up with a solution. You need to gather several reliable sources for this step. Listen to both sides - both the pros and the cons before you evaluate the situation. If new information arises about the company's problem(s), you need to consider those as well. Once it is time to evaluate, you need to do it with an open mind. - set your biases aside as you move through this process.

Step 3: For Step 3 of the critical thinking problem-solving process, "E", you will enumerate options and anticipate the consequences. You need to enumerate (detail or list) genuine options because they will help you to focus on the possible consequences that could be likely to occur. You need to be very realistic in this stage. Being practical or realistic will help you eliminate wasted time and energy. Have the courage to ask the hard questions even if they lead to additional problems. Be sure to include both your options and possible consequences in your summary.

Step 4: For Step 4, "A", you will assess the company's situation and make a preliminary decision. By taking a good look at the entire situation, you should be able to make a tentative decision that will help you determine what steps may need to be taken to resolve the problem. You may need to seek informed and unbiased opinions/information from other sources. You need to treat all of the options equally before making your preliminary decision.

Step 5: For the final step of the critical thinking problem-solving process, "S", you will scrutinize the process and self-correct as needed.
Scrutinizing the whole process enables us to see possible flaws and gaps in our thinking so that we can correct ourselves before we make a mistake. In turn, self-correcting can lead us to necessary reconsiderations of any aspect of our problem-solving process: We may realize that we should reassess the nature of the problem, rework our priorities, gather more information, identify a new option, more carefully anticipate likely consequences, reassess our expectations, and, in the end, make a better decision. This final step is our assurance that the problem has been resolved sufficiently for the current time and circumstances. (Facione, Gittens p.47)


Many companies today are considering "going green" or have already "gone green". That is, companies are considering the adoption of a range of environmentally conscious initiatives, such as replacing light bulbs with more energy efficient alternatives, cutting down the amount of waste in the production process, using recycled materials, converting to some solar or wind power, and many others. In addition, in many cases, the initiatives that are implemented may not even be directly part of the product or service that is sold to the company's customers. These initiatives are, however, very socially responsible.

In a paper, answer the following questions:

QUESTION: You are hired as an outside "green consultant." How would you convince your client organization to adopt green initiatives that are not a direct part of the product or service sold (i.e. Not the product or service itself but anything used to support manufacturing or delivery of the product/service)?

Please make sure to cite AND reference the information in your response following APA format. This means citing the author, date of publication, and page number (or paragraph numbers for web articles without page numbers) and including APA formatted references at the end.

Formulate your response using the following 5-step process:

I - IDENTIFY the Problem and Set Priorities (Step 1)

D - DEEPEN Understanding and Gather Relevant Information

E - ENUMERATE Options and Anticipate Consequences (Step 3)

A - ASSESS the Situation and Make a Preliminary Decision (Step 4)

S - SCRUTINIZE the Process and Self-Correct as Needed (Step 5)

Write to purpose, there is no page length or word count required.


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Recently, the world is confronting one of its most brutal challenges, with effects that move way beyond its impact on the environment, i.e. climate change. Nowadays, there is a scientific agreement that human activities are beyond doubt an important element liable for the quick environmental changes. It is high time for businesses to recognize the need of going green and also the advantages it possess. The ongoing environmental issues in current years have escalated the tendency of going green for companies like never before (Miller & Spoolman, 2008).

In this regard, for the client orgnaitsion, which is Wal-Mart it is also necessary to determine the importance and value of integrating green initiatives in its business. The company needs to determine the fact that merely selling green products is not enough, but it has to improve its deliver or manufacturing system or business process that support such systems in order to become green (Kurtzleben, 2010). The major problem, which Wal-Mart is confronting, is that it certainly value sustainability and realizes its responsibility towards environment being one of the top retailers in the world, but has failed to espouse on appropriate green initiatives for resolving environmental issues.

Now, it has become essential for Wal-Mart to keep its environmental concern at top priority and become more seriously concern for environmental issues than it ever before. This is because the company is witnessing vast number of criticisms and complaints from environmentalists and different organizations together with several fines from a lot of legal bodies. The problem has existed from a long period of time in the company i.e. since the year 2005 and is affecting its image and reputation in conjunction with its consumers and staff in a pertinent manner (Propper, & Sheleg, 2010).

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