Examine classical economic understandings of trade
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Examines classical economic understandings of international trade and finance to inform decision making in the areas of business, management, policy, and participation in public debate.

Topics include classical trade theory based on comparative advantage; challenges to alternatives to classical trade theory; barriers to trade; regulation, policy and international arrangements concerning trade; welfare effects of trade; balance of payments adjustments and other external accounts; currency markets and exchange rates; exchange rate systems; and international banking.

Search the Library and/or the Internet to find and select as a case study on any global economic event or events currently or recently covered in the news or academic media(within last 2 years). Then write a critical essay applying the concepts covered in any module of the course please refer to the course overview above. With respect to the case study, at least two sources must be written by economists and must put forth differing and opposed propositions regarding economic choice by individuals, firms, organizations, or governments. The focus of the assignment is to apply two or more of the economic theories and concepts provided in the course to evaluate these propositions. Be sure to provide incisive critical discussion of economic arguments and theories and make reference to substantive evidence to back up your analysis.

Discuss and cite at least four credible or scholarly sources other than the assigned readings to support your analysis and positions. At least two of the sources should be written by economists (they can be writing in news media or academic journals), and at least two of the sources should present arguments or perspectives that differ from and oppose each other. Paper should be 8 pages in length with document and citation using APA formatting.

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