Evolution of the prison system

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Assignment 1: The Evolution of the Prison System

In the US criminal justice system, we make a distinction between prisons and jails. Our jail system is used to house those awaiting trial or those sentenced to less than one year. Our prison system is reserved for those sentenced to more than one year. The history of the prison system in the United States is rich and complicated. We have gone from warehousing inmates to a system that provides education and other services to inmates.

Using the University Online Library, find at least two articles that describe significant changes to the prison systems in the United States beyond what you learned about in your textbook. You can consider federal or state prisons, but keep focused on prisons as opposed to local (i.e., county or city) jails.

As you review the evolution of the correctional processes, think about how these changes have been impacted by those who have not been and will never be incarcerated. Think about how punishment within the correctional system has changed and the advancement of inmate rights.

Responses to the following topics:

  • Describe what you have learned from your library research about changes to the prison system. Be sure to cite your sources in the APA style.
  • Explain what changes have benefited the prison system and how.
  • Describe what additional changes would you implement.

Reference no: EM13793698

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