Evaluation of change and conflict
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Evaluation of Change and Conflict

I need help on a journal article related to change and conflict. Analysis the article and write a short (150 word) description and evaluation of it. And then answer the following questions suggested by Leedy and Ormrod (2001):

1.Was the article reviewed by experts in the field before it was published?

2.Does the article have a stated research problem that helps you determine the focus of the author's work? What is it?

3. Does the article describe how the author collected and analyzed the data? Please explain.

4. Is the article logically organized and easy to follow? Support your response.

5. Is there a discussion of the author's interpretation of the results of the study? What does it say?

6. What in this article was most important to you? Why did you find it interesting? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is this article something you will save for future research you will do?

7. Would you recommend (or use) this journal as a resource? Why or why not?

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