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Please for Discussion question there should be minimum of 3 references using Harvard referencing style. Assignment 5 should also have as many references as possible. For the group project please provide instructions to hepl understand the project work. Many thanks, Regards, James

Summary of physical tamper-resistant devices:

Given that you have covered a wide variety of topics on security applications, now is a good time to stop and reflect on the material you covered this Week. For this Assignment, you will summarise what you have learned about physical tamper-resistant devices.

To prepare for this Assignment, use the UoL library to research and make a list of different types of physical tamper-resistant devices used in information security, with an emphasis on their characteristics. Consider the differences and similarities among those types and identify any emergent themes.

To complete this Assignment:

Write a concise summary of the themes emerging from your research on the characteristics of tamper-resistant devices and the similarities and differences among them. You do not need to include the full list of devices and their characteristics that you prepared. As part of your summary, evaluate the relative effectiveness of different strategies for making a device temper-resistant.

For all Assignments:

Your document should have 750-1,000 words (not including the list of works cited), but it is the quality of the answer that matters, not the number of words. Cite and reference all sources use the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. By Day 7, upload your document using the Turnitin submission link for this Assignment.

Part 1:

Preparation: Install a firewall that you already know or use your own OS firewall tool. There are many firewalls freely available. The article ‘Personal Firewall Reviews' (Markus, 2013) provides some examples and ideas. The whole group should not use the same personal firewall. Discuss each individual member's choice of the personal firewall and provide some justification for the decision. Test the personal firewalls you each selected with an invited attack. You can then visit a Web site that will perform a controlled invited attack, for example, the Gibson Research Corporation (2014).

Create a report: Briefly summarise what personal firewalls can do and what they cannot do to protect your personal computer. Present one potential benefit that you get from installing a personal firewall; something that you cannot do without it. Report your findings from the invited attack on your firewalls. Distinguish between the function of a personal firewall and that of antivirus software, anti-spyware software and their relationship to personal firewalls.

Part 2:

Preparation: Download and install any security-related tools package. Some possible examples include (but you are not limited to):

• Microsoft Windows Sysinternals site (Microsoft, 2014)
• Fport for Windows from the McAfee site (McAfee, 2014)
• Lsof for Linux from the Free(code) site (Abell, 2013)
• Other tools from the CHIHT site (ENISA, 2014, see the proactive tools section)

Create a report: Describe your experience working with your chosen security-related tools. Analyse which aspects of the tools will be useful for security purposes for experts and for normal users. Submit your report (both Part 1 and Part 2) to the Turnitin link by the end of Week 6.

Biometric authentication methods for online transactions

The physical attributes inherent in biometric authentication methods raise interesting problems and concerns for their use in the realm of online transactions. The capability of current technology, issues of increased violence and the sort of attacks that can be launched against biometric methods all come into play.

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Evaluate the viability of biometric authentication methods for online transactions. Your evaluation should account for increased potential violence, types of potential attacks and the likely success or failure for particular biometric methods (e.g. fingerprints and handwritten signatures) under the capability of current technology.

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Reference no: EM13876829

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