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Discussion: Research Weekly Concepts for Identifying, Selecting, and Implementing Strategies

For Discussion, please visit the Walden Library databases or select a recognized business publication such as Forbes, Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, and so forth. Select an article addressing the use of generic strategies in achieving competitive advantage; how to select an effective "line of business"; "grand" (operational) strategy; the concept and use of the "Blue Ocean" strategy; or another topic that relates to these ideas and this week's Learning Objectives. For example, you could explore topics such as strategic group mapping; evaluating the use of various competitive strategies; the connection between generic and "grand" or "line-of-business" strategies; etc.

Following APA style and formatting guidelines, summarize the article into approximately 300 words (do NOT copy the article), and explain the knowledge you gained from it. Post to Discussion 2. Include a link to the original article so your colleagues can read it.

To earn full points, full engagement in this discussion requires an initial post and active substantive responses with colleagues over a minimum of three days and preferably every day.

Required Resources


• Thompson, A. A. (2014-2015). Strategy: Core concepts and analytical approaches(3rd ed.) [BSG electronic edition]. Burr Ridge, IL: McGraw-Hill Education.

o Chapter 5, "The Five Generic Competitive Strategy Options: Which One to Employ?" (pp. 90-109)

o Chapter 6, "Supplementing the Chosen Competitive Strategy-Other Important Strategy Choices" (pp. 110-130)

Business Strategy Game (BSG) Simulation website:

• Thompson, A. A., Jr., Reidenback, M. A., Stappenbeck, G. J., Harms, C. C., & Thrasher, I. F. (2014). The Business Strategy Game: Competing in a global marketplace. Retrieved from https://www.bsg-online.com/

Visit this website to read Chapters 5 and 6 of the course e-book and to continue your progress in the Business Strategy Game (BSG). This simulation provides opportunities for you to make some of the difficult decisions often encountered by managers as they seek to execute the strategy that has been established by senior executives who are responsible to the shareholders.


• Minh, T. Q. (2013a). Michael Porter on competitive strategy, Part 1 [Harvard Business School series] [Video file]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/c4ZBVp8-9gA

• Minh, T. Q. (2013b). Michael Porter on competitive strategy, Part 2 [Harvard Business School series] [Video file]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/znzCtevIRLQ

Reference no: EM131313371

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