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Part -1:

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

1) Identify and critically evaluate the major environmental influences affecting global and international markets to justify recommended strategies;

2) Apply appropriate analytical models and frameworks to analyse, assess and critically appraise global and international marketing situation.

Write an Individual Assignment up to 2500 words on analyzing the following case:


You have to choose any International Beverage Company and its products. You have to critically analyse and evaluate its marketing strategies, applying the principles and practices of international marketing concepts.

You are the newly appointed export marketing manager and your main task is to prepare an International marketing plan along with analysis and any challenges faced by the company during internationalisation. You have to cover your topic of study in all following areas;

1) A brief Introduction about the company and its products.

2) Company's rationale behind internationalisation.

3) Mode of entry - selection of market entry strategies to enter into various countries

4) Evaluate the marketing mix strategies adopted by the company.

5) Discuss brand positioning and advertising strategy.

6) Competitor analysis with respect to the host country.

7) How social and cultural factors have significant impact on the target market in an international environment.

8) Which factors influence the decision in developing distribution channels internationally?

9) Conclusion and findings of framework analysis

10) References must be according to Harvard Style

Part -2:

The Assignment Task:

Conduct an investigation into any business organization in any country and do the following tasks:

1. Discuss the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the stakeholders. Critically evaluate the organisation applying the roles of CSR.

2. Critically evaluate the challenges of business ethics and its implications to the organisation's stakeholders.

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Reference no: EM13739124

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