Evaluate the alternative section which should contain review

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Case Study: The Lincoln Electric Company

Word Limit: 4500 words.

The requirements of the paper that should be covered are summerize here:

1- In the beginning, maximum one page Identification of 4 Critical Managerial issues.

2- Deep analyses of each one of those analyses must come next with 3 pages for each. The number of references that must used in this part around 15...

2- Evaluation of Alternatives section,which should contains review of 4 quality journals, should come next.

3- High quality and specific recommendations with quality journals is considered the last part (very important part).

Include the assignment information, and date in upper right-hand corner no title page one-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right and left). Times New Roman 12 font.

Reference no: EM13866042

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