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Throughout the past several decades, the understanding of how we learn has been defined and redefined. Evaluate and comment on social learning theory and Bloom's taxonomy. Analyze how each incorporate cognitivism and constructivism into their frameworks. Demonstrate an understanding of how at least two of these theories may have contributed to the focus on the more recent theories of emotional intelligence, metacognition, and motivation (i.e., self-determination). Please see the list below to determine which of the recent theories you will focus on for your initial post.


Last name begins with A-I: Focus on emotional intelligence.

Last name begins with J-R: Focus on self-determination.

Last name begins with S-Z: Focus on metacognition.

Research three scholarly articles pertaining to the historical relevance of your assigned theory. Address the following questions in your initial post:

What historical trends do you notice in the literature about your assigned subject?

Does there appear to be any event or series of events (such as research findings) that helped to promote this area of variable within learning psychology?

Evaluate your learning style and share an example of how a better understanding of this theory might be applied to explain your learning behavior(s) in a real-life situation at school, work, or home.

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Reference no: EM13900760

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