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1. Economic events occur around us every day. This assignment aims to provide association between what you learn from economic models and concepts in class with real-life events happening around you.

2. Search through newspapers or magazine for ONE article that is relevant to the economic concepts and models learned in class. The copy of chosen article has to be attached to your final report.

3. The articles should preferably be published in the last twelve months.

4. Summarise each article first. Analyse the article and identify linkage between the economic concepts you have learnt in class with the discussion in the article. Apply the economic models learnt to discuss the economic challenges faced by the economy concerned and to explain the rationale for the economic policy (ies) chosen by the Government to overcome the challenges. You may use other news articles to support your discussion as well.

5. Where applicable, illustrate your discussion with diagrams and economic models to enhance your discussion.

6. More marks will be awarded for reports, which provide more comprehensive, balanced and in-depth analysis with adequate referencing to the economic concepts and models.

7. The newspaper article will serve as the main focus of your analysed report. However, your discussion is not restricted to just the content of the article chosen. You are free to discuss on other relevant information (from other sources) which relate to the main economic event you have chosen. Do not rely on one source and do compare and contrast perspectives.

This assignment is aimed at a number of competency elements, specifically:

• Researchingin terms of searching for and evaluating newspaper or magazine articles that are suitable for this assignment.

• Analysis of the information presented in the article and how the event could be explained using economic models.

• Assessingthe suitability of the economic model to analyse the event and what are the limitations of the model.

• Presentation in putting forward the information and analysis you have in a form, which is clear, accurate and easy to understand.

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Reference no: EM13766420

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