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I would however like to point out the following:

- Question 1: I am based in Malawi and one of the countries studied should be Malawi and the other probably Kenya.
question 1 only and compare Malawi (my resident country) and Kenya?

- Question 2: The question seems to imply discussion of monetary side economics if I am not mistaken. The solution however has little discussion in this regard.

Question 1.

Compare and contrast business environments in 2 or more countries of your choice (one country should be your own).

Evaluate how their business environment is influenced by government economic policy which may be identified through your application of economic theory. Critically evaluate your local economic business environment measured against your choice of a comparative international economic and business system. You should use any pictorial techniques which you feel are appropriate to illustrate and justify your evaluation, e.g. Graphs, charts, economic curve diagrams, etc.

Question 2.

Critically evaluate measures used by governments and central banks to manage the economies of their countries. By critical evaluation use convincing arguments for or against measures used to reduce, minimise or alleviate economic difficulties many countries face. You should use examples in your submission to illustrate your justified view.

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Reference no: EM13880252

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