Evaluate each of the approaches to applying the framework

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Evaluate each of the approaches to applying the framework as discussed the Lane textbook. Determine how each approach would align to the organization for future growth and success. Give your opinion as to the validity of each approach.

Identify three aspects of portfolio management that allow the CIO to strategically align IT with organizational goals and discuss why these aspects are important.


Strategic alignment results from structuring the IT organization around the needs of the business. To explain how this is done, let me break the operations of the IT organization down into four basic functions. Two are delivery functions: support delivery and project delivery. The other two are management activities: value attainment and strategic alignment. All activities of the IT organization can be categorized into one of these four functions, although, as we will see later, these functions are typically spread out across multiple teams, which is the source of much of the misalignment IT organizations face .

These functions layer on top of each other such that failure at one level affects everything above it. Strategic alignment is achieved when all functions operate in harmony to achieve business results. However, how these functions are managed directly impacts how strategic an organization is. A tall skinny pyramid will generate far more value for a firm than a short fat one. For the rest of this chapter, we explore  each function in more detail and highlight the management issues the CIO and the IT management staff must address to achieve strategic alignment.

Reference no: EM131357038

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