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Design Problem - Statement

Each group will develop a ASPEN simulation of the Styrene process described in Appendix B. Your objective is to optimize the separations section to maximize process profitability. Areas to examine for potential inefficiencies are column design (feed tray location, condenser duty, reboiler duty, reflux ratio) and potential modifications to the given flowsheet (for example, change order of separations in columns). Evaluate both changes to column design and order of separations.  In all cases, you must maintain the product flows and purities at the levels given in the base case provided in the appendix.

You are required to model the separation vessel and two distillation columns using the flows in stream 13 in the process flow diagram.  You may need to adjust the temperature and pressure of this stream as it enters the separations train.  Vessel V-401in the flow sheet can be modeled as a flash tank followed by a decanter to account for the flash of hydrogen gas and liquid/liquid phase separation of the organic and aqueous phase.  You will not be able to achieve perfect separations of aqueous and organic phases which will affect the eventual stream purities.  The phase equilibrium can be modeled using UNIQUAC-RK model.

Profitability analysis assumptions-

In your profitability analysis you may assume:

1. Negligible land costs

2. Two-thirds of the FCIL is spent at the end of year 1 and the remainder at the end of year 2

3. Plant start-up occurs at the end of year 2

4. Working capital is 20% of the FCIL

5. Taxation rate is 45%

6. Zero salvage value

7. A plant life of 10 years

8. Reactor FCI = $2 × 105 × (reactor volume (m3))0.5 in mid-2001

Reporting requirements-

Your report should contain the following sections:

1. Cover page

2. Introduction - statement of problem

3. Methodology - how you performed the design analysis

4. Results - a discussion of the profitability of the base case and the modified designs your considered

5. Conclusions - your recommendation for the preferred design

6. Appendix - provide detailed calculations for the design and profitability analysis of the base case Sections 2-5 are limited to five single spaced pages using a 12 point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins. There are no page limitations for the Appendix.


The first vessel is a flash tank followed by a decanter to separate liquid/liquid streams.  Make sure that you allow for V/L/L equilibrium in the selection of phase equilibrium.

Attachment:- Project.rar

Reference no: EM131188613

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Look at the book ( Turton, R., R.C. Bailie, W.B. Whiting, J.A. Schaeiwitz, D. Bhattacharya, Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Chemical Processes, 4th Ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ (2012). Start doing the work from the scratch using Aspen. You also need to do an excel sheets and Once you do with all the work and it is 100% correct. You can send it to me but please send me all the files ( Aspen files , excel files and the final project report. Attached file is a project for some classmate , you can look at it and get an idea but you cannot copy it or use the same way to do this wok. Any violation of these instructions is not good at all. Please make sure that you use the proper way to solve it , going around and trying to find an easy cut to do the work will definitely result in the cancelation of the work and we both are going to lose more time.

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