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Reference no: EM131429182

Meaning of computer solution of transportation problem

How would the contract manager be engaged in the project during the design phase? What about the implementation phase of the project? What is your attitude toward power? How h

About the corporate ethics

Corporate Ethics: Do corporations have a social responsibility to society or just a responsibility for profit to its shareholders? Are those concepts mutually exclusive? (in b

Using sales forecast and variable and fixed costs

Develop a monthly budget for one financial year (12 months) by using a sales forecast and variable and fixed costs based on your business concept. Using industry averages or y

Logistics and supply chain strategy

Explain how a company’s logistics and supply chain strategy will likely evolve as the company shifts from no international strategy to a global strategy to a transnational str

Productivity contributions at the highest levels possible

Nucor Steel, which has an operation in Auburn, New York, is an enigma of sorts. It has the highest paid employees in the steel industry. At the same time it has the lowest lab

How could demarketing influence company perception

How could demarketing influence company perception and/or image? Is demarketing the right way to manage unprofitable customers? When do companies face demarketing situations?

Identify a social media campaign for your favorite brand

Identify a social media campaign for your favorite brand. What social media components are included in that particular social media campaign? In what experiences does the camp

What price should western turbine charge for labor

If the 10th unit contained labor costs of $2.5 million, what price should Western Turbine charge for labor on units 11 and 12 to make a profit of 10 percent of the selling p


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