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You are the president of a small company that manufactures space heaters. Your chief engineer informs you that the latest batch of space heaters has failed to meet standards and they cannot be sold in the U.S. If your company has to scrap the heaters, it will result in bankruptcy and your 60 employees and yourself will lose your jobs. Your engineer informs you there is less than a 1 in 1000 chance of the heaters exploding and quite possibly none of them will fail.

Your sales manager informs you that he has found a third world country that is desperate for heaters as it's population is freezing. You can sell the heaters at your cost and save your company. Do you sell the heaters or not. Why?

Reference no: EM1337015

Develop an informed consent to counseling form

For this module, you will be engaging in a few different necessary activities that "set the stage" for your first counseling session. Every initial meeting with a client req

Because of environmental concerns-acetone recovery system

Because of environmental concerns, your plant must install an acetone recovery system. Your task is to calculate the size of the various components of the system, which includ

Use stevens model of measurement scales

What type of scale is used when the variable is social class? Explain. What type of scale is used when the variable studied is a Top 40 list of popular songs? Explain. What ty

Assume a small downtown area

Assume a small downtown area has two 12 ft. travel lanes with 6 ft. sidewalks on each side. This is all surrounded by buildings that are 25 ft. tall. What is the maximum urban

Evaluate how the 21 century paradigms described by ragins

Question: Critically evaluate how the 21st century paradigms described by Ragins and Karm in The landscape of mentoring in the 21st century will impact on the qualities mentor

Explain the reasons why and when you recommend the adoption

A company is trying to decide whether to adopt project management methodology or not. As a Project Management consultant, you have been asked to give your advice to this com

Explain what is meant by employee acceptance of change

Explain what is meant by "employee acceptance of change." What are the implications of employee acceptance? What are some specific ways in which organizations can enhance em

Administaration to fill out rating forms properlty

Do you think the experts recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administaration to fill out the rating forms properlty? why or why not? what additional actions


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