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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip implant

You are required to undertake an ethical analysis of the benefits and issues associated with RFID chip implantsin a human context.

Students will prepare an essay which analyses RFID chip implants in humans through the lens of each of the FOUR (4) ethical philosophies presented in lectures, and ONE (1) value selected from the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) code of ethics.

When analysing RFID chip implants, consider ONE (1)of the following ethical dilemmas:

• Is the practise of implantingRFID chips into humansappropriate?

• How shouldthe practise of RFID chip implants in humans be governed?

• Do the benefits of RFID chip implantsfor individuals, organisations and/or the broader community outweigh security and privacy concerns with RFID chip implants?

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Reference no: EM13718225

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