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A company is considering a 6-year project that requires an initial outlay of $21,000. The project engineer has estimated that the operating cash flows will be $4,000 in year 1, $5,000 in year 2, $7,000 in year 3, $7,000 in year 4, $7,000 in year 5, and $8,000 in year 6. At the end of the project, the equipment will be fully depreciated, classified as 5-year property under MACRS. The project engineer believes the equipment can be sold for $5,000 at the end of the project. If the tax rate is 29% and the required rate of return is 14%, what is the net present value (NPV) of this project? (Answer to the nearest dollar.)

Reference no: EM131063734

The maturity risk premium is estimated

The real risk-free rate is 2.7%. Inflation is expected to be 2.15% this year, 3.65% next year, and then 2.1% thereafter. The maturity risk premium is estimated to be 0.05(t -

What is the expected return on the portfolio

You own a portfolio that has $2,000 invested in Stock A and $3,500 invested in Stock B. The expected returns on these stocks are 14 percent and 9 percent, respectively. What i

What is the firms marginal revenue function

The Madison Corporation, a monopolist, receives a report from a consulting firm Concluding that the demand function for its product is: What is the firm's Marginal Cost functi

What will be the new portfolio beta

You have a portfolio with a beta of 1.65. What will be the new portfolio beta if you keep 91 percent of your money in the old portfolio and 9 percent in a stock with a beta of

What stock price would you consider appropriate

The Perfect Rose Co. has earnings of $1.85 per share. The benchmark PE for the company is 15. What stock price would you consider appropriate? What if the benchmark PE were 18

What is the present value of the bond

A 20-year U.S. Treasury bond with a face value of $10,000 pays a coupon of 5.50% (2.750% of face value every six months). The semiannually compounded interest rate is 5.2% (a

Brokerage firm-what is the return on the stock

Karen just purchased a stock costing $33 on margin, paying $23 and borrowing the remainder from a brokerage firm at 15 percent annual interest. The stock pays an annual divide

Relationship between the internal rate of return

What is the relationship between the Internal Rate of Return, Profitability Index, and Net Present Value. Will they lead to the same acceptance or rejection of a decision?


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