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Compute the time required by using learning rate

Problem- Beth Zion Hospital has received initial certification from the state of California to become a center for liver transplants. The hospital, however, must complete its first 18 transplants under great scrutiny and at no cost to the patients. The very first transplant, just completed, required 30 hours. On the basis of research at the hospital, Beth Zion estimates that it will have an 80% learning curve.

Part 1-Estimate the time it will take to complete:

i) The 5th liver transplant.

ii) All of the first 5 transplants.

iii) The 18th transplant.

iv) All 18 transplants

This description depicts the steps to calculate the time required to carry out the 5th and 18th transplant in the given case.

Reference no: EM13708823

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