Estimate the firms current stock price to be

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Laurel Enterprises expects this year's earnings to be $3.81 per share and has a 50% retention rate, which it plans to keep constant. Its equity cost of capital is 11%, which is also expected return on new investment. Its earnings are expected to grow forever at a rate of 5.5% per year. If its next dividend is due in one year, what do you estimate the firms current stock price to be?

Reference no: EM13267873

How many years will it take $2 million to grow

How many years will it take $2 million to grow to $7.00 million with an annual interest rate of 8 percent? What annual rate of return is earned on a $5,000 investment when it

Procure estimates of current mortgage rates

Procure estimates of current mortgage rates, including discount points, on 30 year fixed rate mortgage payments for a $200,000 conventional mortgage from four mortgage lenders

Npv of the higher npv project

Project A, a riskier-than-average project, will produce annual end of year cash flows of $ 90 . Project B, of less than average risk, will produce cash flows of $225 at the

Complex with an annual gross income

An industrial complex with an annual gross income of $5.5 million and operating income of $2.5 million is up for sale. Your investor group is interested in purchasing it, bu

Computing probability of anticipating the demand for books

Compute the payoffs for each company's offer at each level of demand. Set up a payoff table indicating decision alternatives and states of nature, together with the amount th

Calculate the initial price

A bond's credit rating provides a guide to its risk. Long-term bonds rated Aa currently offer yields to maturity of 7.5%. A-rated bonds sell at yields of 7.8%. Assume a 10-y

What ror did we attain if we now invest

1)  We receive $3,000 per semester and $87,000 in 9 years from the present. What ROR did we attain, if we now invest $4,000? 2) We buy an asset for $20,000. We receive money t

Determine the monthly payment for a sixty month truck loan

Determine the monthly payment for a sixty-month truck loan with an annual percentage rate of 11% and an initial principal of $17,000. How much interest is paid over the life o


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