Estimate the distance infeet the vehicle travels as fixate

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a driver in a vehicletraveling 40 mph shifts his eyes from right to left and focuses ona child about to dart across the street. estimate the distance infeet the vehicle travels as the driver's eye shift and fixate?

Reference no: EM13322951

If the property can be sold what is the rate of return

An investor has invested $250,000 in a new rental property. Her estimated annual costas are $6,000 and annual revenues are $20,000. What rate of return per year will the inves

Determine linear velocity of the wastewater in the pipe

A wastewater treatment plant must disinfect its effluent before discharging the waste water to a near-by stream. The wastewater contains  4.5x10^5 fecal coliform colony-form

Determine two possible angles theta at which this

A fireman is standing on a hoist and sprays water at a fire. the fire is 35 ft in the x direction and 20ft downward in the y direction. the water flows at 65 ft/s. determine t

Draw force required for the operation

Bar stock of initial diameter = 90 mm is drawn with a draft = 15 mm. The draw die has an entrance angle = 18°, and the coefficient of friction at the work-die interface = 0.

The temperature of steam at the inlets of both turbines is

An ideal reheat rankine cycle operates between the pressure limits of 20 kPa and 10 MPa, with reheat occuring at 3 MPa. The temperature of steam at the inlets of both turbines

Find what will be the percentage change in the volume

An open vat in a food processing plant contains 400L of water at 20 degrees C and atmospheric pressure. If the water is heated to 80 degrees C, what will be the percentage c

Determine what is the anle of internal friction for the sand

a direct shear cell 25.4cm x 25.4 cm in plan is filled with dry sand. a normal load of 6kN is applied to the sample, and the shear failure is 3.5kN. What is the anle of inte

What would the manometer reading be for the same pressure

Two vessels are connected to a differential manometer using mercury (s=13.56), the connecting tubing being filled with water. The higher-pressure vessel is 5 ft lower in eleva


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