Estimate the average temperature the wall will attain

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A light breeze at 10mi/h blows across a metal building in the summer. The height of the building wall is 12t, and the width is 20ft. A net energy flux of 110 Btu/h*ft^2 from the sun is absorbed in the wall and subsequently dissipated of the surrounding air by convection. Assuming that the air is 80°F and 1 atm and blows across the wall as on a flat plate, estimate the average temperature the wall will attain for equilibrium conditions.

Reference no: EM13212307

Make suitable assumptions for temperature and pressure

Determine the mass (in kg) and weight (in N) of the air contained in a typical school classroom whose dimensions are 40 ft x 60 ft x 12 ft. Make suitable assumptions for tempe

Derive differential equation for predicting capsule

Derive a differential equation for predicting the capsule temperature as a function of time. Solve this equation to obtain the temperature as a function of time in terms of

What is the initial rate of mass loss through the cylinder

Helium gas is stored at 100*C under a pressure of 5x10^5 Pa in a glass cylinder 20 cm in diameter and 15cm long. The glass walls are 5 mm thick. Overtime the Helium will gradu

Calculate the corresponding pressure angle Ø

For increments of 3° for this angle, calculate the corresponding pressure angle ∅ and radius R for points on the involute. Plot this series of points in polar coordinates an

Large plastic casting with thermal diffusivity

A large plastic casting with thermal diffusivity 6.0*10-7 m2/s is removed from its mold at a uniform temperature of 150oC. The casting is then exposed to a high-velocity air s

Compute the viscosity of the syrup

Note that the free-body diagram of the sphere should include its weight acting down and the buoyant force and the drag force acting up. The steel has a specific gravity of7.

Evaluate the viscosity of the liquid

Develop an algebraic expression for the viscosity of the liquid in the device in terms of M, g, Vm, r, R, a, and H. Evaluate the viscosity of the liquid using: M = 0.10 kg r

Determine the residual stresses

The three members of the truss are made of ductile steel and have identical cross-sectional areas. Determine the residual stresses in each member after the load P has been i


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