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Eberhart Manufacturing has projected sales of $148.2 million next year. Costs are expected to be $82.6 million, and net investment is expected to be $16.6 million. Each of these values is expected to grow at 14 percent the following year, with the growth rate declining by 2 percent per year until the growth rate reaches 6 percent, where it is expected to remain indefinitely. There are 7.1 million shares of stock outstanding and investors require a return of 13 percent on the company's stock. The corporate tax rate is 39 percent.

a. What is your estimate of the current stock price?

Reference no: EM131097080

Cost of equity after the switch

The Border Crossing has no debt and a cost of capital of 11.2 percent. Assume the firm switches to a debt-to-equity ratio of .25 and issues bonds at par with a 6.3 percent c

Shareholders equity account

Sankey, Inc., has current assets of $5,125, net fixed assets of $25,600, current liabilities of $4,500, and long-term debt of $9,900. (Do not round intermediate calculations

Determining the dividend yield

One year ago, you purchased 300 shares of IXC stock at a price of $22.05 per share, received $460 in dividends over the year, and today sold all of your shares for $29.32 pe

Bond yield to maturity

1. Suppose a 10 year, $1000 bond with a 11% coupon rate and semiannual coupons is trading for the price of 907.37 a) What is the bond yield to maturity (EXPREES as an APR wi

Is the stock a good or bad buy

A share of stock with a beta of .83 now sells for $61. Investors expect the stock to pay a year-end dividend of $3. The T-bill rate is 6%, and the market risk premium is 9%.

Expected rate of return on the market portfolio

Suppose you believe that the beta of the firm is .7. How much is the firm worth if the risk-free rate is 2% and the expected rate of return on the market portfolio is 13%? (

Type of risk affect investment performance

What kinds of risk are included in investment risk? Go online to survey current or recent financial news. Find and present a specific example of the impact of each type of i

Explain meaning of res ipsa loquitur and provide an example

Explain the meaning of imputed negligence and provide an example. Explain the meaning of res ipsa loquitur and provide an example. Briefly describe the standard of care to pro


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