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In the past few years there have been numerous high profile media cases on so called "king hits" or "coward punches" resulting in severe injury or death in Australia. Many of these have been alcohol related, and Australia has been rightly or wrongly branded as having an "alcohol problem" related to violence. As a consequence, several states or jurisdictions have responded by passing a host of laws that lock out patrons from establishments after certain hours, that restrict the sale of alcohol, or that requires establishments serving alcohol to close at earlier hours.

Write an essay that addresses the following questions:

Does Australia have a significant problem of alcohol related violence? Why or why not? You should review empirical literature on this question, including comparative data when available. Do not rely on media stories to support your argument.Examine the evidence in terms of empirical research on the proposed strategies to reduce alcohol-related violence as they relate to the recently passed Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Bill in Queensland. ( Weighing the evidence, address whether these polices will be effective in reducing alcohol related violence? Why or why not?

  • Make a scholarly argument as to why this legislation in its current form is, or is not, the best approach to reducing alcohol related violence in public, or indeed whether you think this legislation is needed at all. There is no blueprint for this part of your essay. You should, however, consider the following:
  • Make sure your argument or "conclusions" follow on your previous points in and evidence questions 1 and 2
    • Support your conclusions with discussion of theoretical knowledge on offending and crime prevention
    • Situate your discussion and conclusions within a more broadly based consideration of the social effects of these policies. BE the expert here. Do we need this legislation? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131062578

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