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Resource: Ch. 6 of Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology.

Consider the following scenario:

During the third week of your internship, the CIO emails your team several examples of other IT project implementations. Later that day, she says, "Review the examples I sent you about the implementation process. I attached a list of questions for you to answer about how the implementation process works and why IT projects sometimes fail. I'm most interested in your analysis of how organizations like ours can minimize the occurrences and effects of IT failures."

Read the Case Study--Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation.

Write a 200 -word paper in which you answer the following questions:

Below the indicators continue to the following question

For each indicator you described, what might you have done differently to eliminate or minimize its effect?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.The implementation process in the case-study that we were given to review has failed on most levels. Implementing any health information system is done with a multi-year approach to the levels of planning.

The CPOE implementation at Memorial was rushed and given a timeline of just 18 months. There were also mistakes made in the kick-off stage when the system was chosen without the support of the key staff and physicians. Another major mistake that was made during this process was that the requirements analysis was incomplete and failed to account for everything that needed to be done.

This caused the project to derail and run out of money. Several critical workflow and system integration issues were missed. Communication during the project was lacking, and incomplete reports were given by the project manager because she was afraid of angering the CIO of the system.

Communication is vital throughout the implementation process and will improve awareness, trust, and cooperation among those who will be working together and whose active participation is needed for any HIS project to be successful. During this project, training was cut from the budget to save money. Training is essential to the success of any implementation project (Balgrosky, 2015).

Balgrosky, J. A. (2015). Essentials of health information systems and technology. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Reference no: EM131441502

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