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Project Specification

ERP Project Implementation (A)

Toledo Pizza Company is planning to implement a new ERP system. Tim "Vito" Milano decided to use Corleone Consulting Company (CCC) to help with the project. CCC developed the following set of activities that need to be completed as well as the time taken by each activity. To manage the project, Vito wants to use state-of-the-art procedures. He believes that the following information will help him commit the appropriate resources to the project:

1. The amount of time it will take to complete the project

2. The resource profile for the duration of the project

3. The overall budget and funding requirement for each week of the project.

CCC developed the following three tables detailing the activities, resource requirements and costs associated with the project.

692_ERP Project Implementation.png

2111_ERP Project Implementation1.png

Toledo Pizza Company

ERP Implementation (B)

Based upon the preliminary information developed by CCC (Toledo Pizza Company - ERP Implementation (A)) and further analysis using benchmarking information, the following information became available:

1. Activity J: System Testing will take 7 weeks instead of 1 week because a more thorough testing regimen is recommended.

2. Activity R: Train Users will take 6 weeks instead of 24 weeks because a number of parallel training sessions can be run.

Vito was now interested in finding out what the new critical path will be. Furthermore, Vito wanted to start work on the project by July 01, 2013 and wanted to know when the project would be completed. Finally he wanted to know the cash flow requirements through the duration of the project.

Reference no: EM13188171

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