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a) Classify the subsequent:

a. Presentation Server

b. Application Server

c. Database Server

d. Software application Architecture

b) Evaluate SAP approach to a traditional Information system.

c) What are benefits and drawbacks of SAP?

d) Portray 9 different SAP application modules.


(a) Provide 4 main SAP Net weaver constituents you would use to increase a business application and state why.

(b) What do you know by "Dispatcher"? Make available illustration to your explanation.

(c) Give details how a dispatcher manages requests at the application layer.

(d) What do you comprehend by the term "automation and process? of enterprise application?


(a) What is a composite application?

(b) Provide an instance where a composite application can be used.

(c) Portray the Key Capabilities of SAP Enterprise Portal?


Abstract: marketplaces globalisation makes industrial companies to change radically, becoming more flexible, purchaser oriented and agile in manufacturing. as a result, the enterprise software applications are becoming more and more multifaceted, exploiting distributed object technology in multi-tier architectures.

INTRODUCTION "Whereas at one time the critical factor of production was the land, and later capital.....nowadays the vital factor is more and more man himself, that is his knowledge". Pope John Paul II - 1991 Centesimus Annus Due to increasing inter-organizational creation and control, a new supervision dimension occurs that focuses on both manufacturing activities and the supply chain. Its demands are the cost organize, needs to analyze costs/incomes on a product or patrons basis, flexibility to respond to changing business requirements, more informed administration decision making and modify in the way of doing business.

Illustrate and exemplify the design specification for an enterprise application that integrates the ERP concept in three-tier architecture, surround modularized, extend subsystems in configurable and maintainable software. Starting from the client order, to planned order send out, the ERP main constituents and the information flow within the system is presented.

Reference no: EM133241

Research proposal on cloud computing

The usage and influence of outsourcing and cloud computing on Management Information Systems is the proposed topic of the research project.


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