Encourage companies to commercialize orphan drugs

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How could the government encourage companies to commercialize orphan drugs that treat or cure rare conditions but are not economically desirable? if you were a member of congress, would you support government intervention in this situation?

Reference no: EM13855154

Discuss the concept of jurisdiction

Discuss the concept of “jurisdiction” discussed in the text on pages 79-88, including its application in the Federal Court System and the various State Court Systems.

Task environment consists of individuals and organizations

The task environment consists of individuals and organizations that interact directly with the organization. To diagnose an organization, the OD practitioner carefully examine

Strategy and productivity

An electronic company makes communications devices for military contracts. The company just completed two contracts. The navy contract was for 2,300 devices and took 25 worker

Employee readiness programs and support when abroad

How can a MNC company provide support through employee readiness programs and support when abroad? Some areas to explore are training and integration with the company and coun

Foundational element for sound decision making in business

Is Focusing on the process not individual functional area is a foundational element for sound decision making in business to increase the probability for positive business out

Partnerships vs sole proprietorship

Joan, is a jewelry designer who had created a unique new jewelry piece called a neacklet. It can be either a necklace or a bracelet. She would like to start her own business,

Stereotypes interfere with intercultural communication

Explain why stereotypes interfere with intercultural communication. How can we avoid stereotyping in the workplace? Please choose one specific type of stereotype and discuss h

A binary integer programming model

Formulate the above problem mathematically as a binary integer programming model. Define you decision variables clearly, define the notation you use, using your decision var


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