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Unit 3 Assignment: Employer Sponsored Benefit Plans 

Imagine that you are the Human Resource Manager for a medium sized enterprise that is seeking to implement employee benefits beyond the 401k plan. Match, profit sharing 401a plan, and health insurance are already in place as standard corporate benefits. 

In a paper, discuss other employer sponsored benefit plans that can be provided and discuss how these can influence costs versus benefits in attracting and retaining talent. 

Utilize the unit and supplemental reading from this unit regarding employer sponsored benefit plans as well as outside sources from the Kaplan Library to focus on a specific topic such as employer sponsored dental, disability, life or other group benefits and discuss both economic and social importance. Discuss whether employers have an obligation to provide as many benefits for their employees. Use more than one article as part of your analysis. 

Your paper should be at least 800 words not counting the title or reference pages.

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Reference no: EM13707115

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