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1. If you have strongly negative information to deliver as part of a positive message, you should

put it at the beginning of the message.

put the negative information in a separate message.

use the indirect approach.

apologize for having to spoil the moment.

open with the negative information.

2. According to the indirect approach for delivering bad news, you should place the negative news

immediately after the reasons.

immediately before the reasons.

in the opening paragraph.

immediately after the buffer.

at the very end.

3. A letter rejecting a job applicant should

point out the applicant's shortcomings.

be as personal as possible.

always offer an apology.

be as long as possible.

avoid explaining why he or she was not selected.

4. Negative messages about business transactions are designed to

show the audience that whatever has happened, your company is not at fault.

let the audience know which of your employees caused the problem.

explain how you plan to resolve the situation.

confirm the customer's expectations.

shield the company from liability, even if you must blame another organization.

5. Social media and other communication technologies have created a major new challenge:

competing in the global marketplace.

communicating up and down the corporate supply chain.

researching and developing new products and services.

attracting and recruiting qualified applicants for employment.

responding to online rumors and attacks on a company's reputation.

6. When rejecting a request because of company policy, you should

simply cite the policy as the reason for your decision.

explain the policy so the audience can try to meet the requirements later.

be sure to include a copy of the policy with your rejection.

admit that you think the policy is unfair, but you have to follow it anyway.

say that violating the policy will get you into serious trouble.

7. When terminating an employee,

focus on problem resolution.

avoid confrontation by withholding negative feedback.

allow the relationship to end negatively, and with hard feelings.

emphasize judgmental language.

make sure reasons are objectively verifiable.

8. When you're writing a negative message, use ________ to take some of the sting out of the bad news and to help your reader accept the message and move forward.

clarity and sensitivity

praise and promise

subtlety and innuendo

facts and figures

blame and leverage

9. Which one of the following is not an essential element of writing termination messages in the workplace?

complete documentation

personal allegations

sensitive writing

careful planning

emotional ramifications

Reference no: EM132184581

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