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Entity-level controls (ELC) - An advanced level assignment for the lead auditors: A. Different levels of controls: In connection with W8 Payroll Audit involving the process-level controls for payroll:

1. Describe your assumptions regarding the effectiveness of entity-level controls of BFF (that includes describing in detail, at a minimum, 4 specific entity-level controls that you have assumed is working effectively), and

2. How such controls affect the payroll process-level controls, if at all. B. Testing Entity-Level Controls

1. The COSO model uses the terms, "soft' and "hard" controls. Discuss these terms and what different characteristics do you have to keep in mind as you plan your tests of "soft" and "hard" controls.

2. Expand on the testing characteristics of ELC, discuss the considerations you should keep in mind for your testing approach, including a. Skills needed b. Timing of evaluation c. Documentation

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Reference no: EM13740843

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