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EE336: Junior Design
PCB Design Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the student to printed circuit board design using an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool such as CadSoft Eagle or National Instrument's MultiSim & Ultiboard.

Melody generator for greeting cards

Thig tiny circuit comprising of a single 3 terminal IC UM66 can be built small enough to be placed inside a greeting card and operated off a single 3V flat buttgn cell.

There is not much to the circuit. The UM66 is connected to its supply and its output fed to a transistor for amplification.

You can either use a4ohm speaker or a" flat" piezoelectric tweeter like the one ound in alarm wrist watches.

If you use the piczo, then it can be connected directly between the output pin 1 and ground pin 3 without the transistor.

The UM66 looks like a transistor with 3 terminals. It is a complete miniature tone generator with a ROM of 64 notes, oscillator and a preamplifier. When it first came into market, it was programmed for the "Jingle bells" tune. Now they come with a wide variety of different tunes.

1667_Melody generator for greeting cards.jpg

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    Make sure your Gerber files have these extensions. zip them up as it will be submitted Gerber files should be inside a .rar or.zip archive with standard file extensions: Extension Layer pcbname.GTL Top Copper pcbname.GTS Top Soldermask pcbname.GTO Top Silkscreen pcbname.GBL Bottom copper pcbname.GBS Bottom Soldermask: pcbname.GBO Bottom Silkscreen: pcbname.TXT Drills pcbname.GML/GKO *Board Outline: If your submission do not have these files, your submission will not be counted.

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