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Masters students in a small Economics graduate program are required to take 4 courses each term (fall and winter) during the academic year. There is both a fall and winter course o§ered in the areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, interna- tional, public Önance, labour and resource economics. How many di§erent combina- tions of courses can students take?

Reference no: EM131220249

Conduct observation used in business or organization

Conduct the observation to someone involved in procedure which is used in the business or organization. This person could be someone at university.

Successful information security implementation

Give one example of business/company in the news who has demonstrated a successful Information Security Implementation. What were the repercussions? (saved company from lo

Solving a business challenge using wlan technology

Highbrow Ed is a rapidly growing educational institution with over 3,000 students spread across five regional campuses. Most students live in off-campus housing. Highbrow's

Should the key people be supported on overhead

Franklin Electronics designed a very simple status report for the project. The table below contains the financial data provided to Spokane at the end of the third month.

What are some ways that company''s can use to get the word

Security awareness programs are their so employees cannot make ignorance an excuse. What are some ways that company's can use to get the word out, and to make sure their emp

Indicate the important water quality constituents

A particular wastewater stream has dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration of 2.0 mg / L and a discharge rate of 0.5 m3 / s. The river into which it is being discharged has DO e

Effective code of ethics and business conduct

Craft your response as a "recipe" for an effective code of ethics and business conduct (e.g. two portions professional conduct, half a portion of fairness, one portion respe

Practical aspects of public leadership

From the weekly readings and e-Activity, analyze the key influences that the theoretical and practical aspects of public leadership may exert upon a public leader's performa


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