Economic dimensions-political dimensions

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Write a short 2-3 page essay. Use Times New Roman 12, and keep double space. Write about any topic that relates to this course and its themes: Sociology of the Internet. (Economic dimensions, political dimensions, cultural dimensions, or social dimensions). Do not forget to write your references and you may use whichever academic style that you like.

Reference no: EM131111677

Implication based on the circumstances

The agency did occur and was by implication based on the circumstances. Do you think it is a wise thing to send somebody out to be our agent without sufficient instructions

Specifically limit residential development

Explain using supply and demand graphs how land use regulations, that specifically limit residential development in many areas in the U.S., might contribute to a housing bub

Influence of media on politics

The influence that the media has on politics that was prevalent during the Vietnam war reminds me of the recent political problems in Iran.

Discuss the four interventions

After reading the article ‘Managing multicultural teams'( Harvard Business Review) discuss the four interventions suggested for handling conflict. Which intervention is the

Roles expected of hti executives using visionary leadership

"Describe the new roles expected of the HTI executives using visionary and exemplary leadership as a way to achieve change in the organization."

Justice department said the court decision

Explain the following citation "The Justice Department said the court's decision would save customers and taxpayers up to $500 million a year." How it might relate to demand

Effects of a tax on consumer and producer surplus

Explain the effects of a tax on consumer and producer surplus. Explain what happens to welfare when government levies a per-unit tax on a good. Use the concept of deadweight

What are the four types of inventory

What are the major inventory items at Frito-Lay, and how rapidly do they move through the process? - What are the four types of inventory? Give an example of each at Frito-Lay


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