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A fast food restaurant has a drive -through window and during peak lunch times can handle a maximum of 80 cars per hour with one person taking orders, assembling them, and acting as a cashier. The average sale as per order is of the order of Rs.100. A proposal has been made to add two additional workers and divide the tasks among them. One will take orders, the second will assemble them, and the third will act as cashier. With this system it is estimated that 120 cars per hour can be serviced. All workers earn the minimum wage. Use productivity arguments to recommend whether or not to change the current system.

Reference no: EM13133395

Classification as direct labor

Which of the following is not classified as direct labor? a. bottlers of beer in a brewery b. copy machine operators at a copy shop. c. wages of supervisors d. bakers in a bak

What are some key elements of internal controls

What are some key elements of Internal Controls? What are some of the key Internal Controls at your workplace and/or you are familiar with? Why do auditors have to review In

Us gaap or ifrs system

Which is better for preventing or detecting fraud a rules based system like US GAAP or a principles based system like IFRS? Please provide the reasons for your opinion.

Ordering calendars at walton bookstore

As stated in Example 12.6, the critical fractile analysis is useful for finding the optimal order quantity, but it doesn't (at least by itself) show the probability distribu

Dpreciation on a straight-line basis

Hercules Exercising Equipment Co. purchased a computerised measuring device two years ago for $60,000. The equipment has been depreciated on a straight-line basis over a six

Result in the increase in production

A 15% increase in production will result in: A) a 15% increase in the variable cost per unit B) a 15% increase in total mixed costs C) a 15% increase in total manufacturing co

Forming payoff matrix

Suppose both governments offer their respective company a subsidy of $4(million), but only if they produce.  Airbus is still able to produce before Boeing. Fill in the new p

Recommendation feasible for particular company

Provide one reason for instituting performance-based pay at an organization and one reason why it might not be appropriate. Select a company, and explain how you recommend t


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