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William Smith and Julia Morin met each other during cycling competitions in Brooklyn, New York two years ago. Each of them worked in specialty bicycle shops in Manhattan as high-end mechanical technicians. Recently, they began to ‘dream’ about the possibility of combining the two shops; then, starting up a third shop in Brooklyn. Their shop owners loved the idea, but the twenty-five current employees in each of the downtown Manhattan shops considered the start-up store in Brooklyn a threat. William and Julia are faced with resolving this intra-group conflict for both shop owners before they will agree to consider working together to sponsor the financing for a third shop in a borough of New York and outside New York City. Another challenge they must overcome is the group dynamics in each of their bike shops given that each considers the other a primary competitor. This conflict has been going on for the past ten years since each shop opened. Now, they must convince the owners that their employees can become team players given their technical and customer expertise. You are close friends with William and Julia, who seek your advice and input before they meet with their bosses to propose their strategy for trying to turn individuals into team players. They have set up a get-together in a favorite local bistro to take notes and draft their presentation the next day. Analyze the intra-group conflict and dynamics in this case study, and prepare a written plan for William and Julia to put into action. Reflect on the course materials; then, explain how start-up organizations can create team players. Substantiate your reasoning using APA citations for referencing resources applied to make your case to William and Julia. They are counting on your expertise and input before their important meeting.

Reference no: EM131124468

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