During a period of random observation

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1. During a period of random observation, nurse Thomas Smith's day includes 6 trips from the nursing station to each patient's room (back and forth), 20 trips to the medical supply room, 5 trips to the break room, and 12 trips to the linen supply room. What is his total distance traveled in miles? If nurse Susan Jones' day includes 7 trips from the nursing pod to each room (back and forth), 20 trips to central medical supply, 6 trips to the break room, and 12 trips to the pod medical supply, how many miles does she walk during her shift? What are the differences in the travel times between the two nurses for this random day?

2. The concept of servicescapes is discussed in this chapter. Describe why this is so important at Arnold Palmer Hospital and give examples of its use in layout design.

Reference no: EM13259884

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