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The purpose of this essay is to discuss a range of information on a topic within the hospitality industry.

The essay will require you to distinguish between different types of information, evaluate and formulate ideas which will lead to a logically presented case.

You will need to research and develop an academic essay that critically examines the following topic: Should hospitality employers dictate the dress and personal presentation of their employees?

Critically examine: Analyse from different perspectives and provide support for positive aspects as well as limitations. Draw conclusions from the analysis and express an informed judgement.

• Correlation (a connection or relationship) is not necessarily causation.
• Write in short concise sentences.
• Your points need to be backed up by strong industry proven data - multiple sources of support are even better.
• Don't quote long sections of text - it's better to quote a short impactful passage or paraphrase the meaning.
• Proofread!
• Peer edit
• Be specific - no sweeping statements or over writing that may weaken or contradict your factual accuracy

What area of the industry?

What type of staff? (All Hospitality staff? Resorts? F&B? Rooms?)

What kind of statistical support have you found?

Is there an industry standard?

Where? Here in QT, Nelson, NZ or Uganda?

How does the requirement of uniform impact on the business image? Brand development?

Job satisfaction of the employee?

Remuneration package of the employee?

Labour costs for the operation?

1. QRC cover page, signed and completed on every assignment

2. Handed to reception by the specified date and time

3. Must use Bell Gothic light or if unavailable use Palatino Linotype, 11pt, 1.5 spacing

4. Double sided printing

5. 3cm margin on left, 5cm margin on right, (to be used for comments); justified margins

6. Name and ID number at top right of each page and number each page at bottom centre

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Reference no: EM13747535

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